to create expression

to exercise inner vision

to free the spirit within

I work with black leather primarily, as it is the material of my soul, the fabric of my being. Before black leather I was something; big and useless. Before the leather, I was nothing and grateful to be so humbled. I am nothing in the face of my passion. 

Getting what’s inside out is an explosion of necessary, destructive energy. It can’t be any other way, conserving matters of conception and creation. If you pussyfoot around the original act of creation you are cheating what could be the most single important act of your life. Trends in behavior establishes character, character is what’s behind every act we do. Character is the “why.” When I create, the character reveals itself to be deeper than myself. There is much magic and mystery, which manifests it complexities through my hands. 

Quality dictates value, as value dos not always indicate quality. Our bags are high-value, high-quality pieces, each one handmade and designed to last forever. If it doesn’t send it back, and I will repair or replace it. 

The NVRLUZ was born from a need to stop losing and start finding. 

When you buy a NVRLUZ, you are supporting the lifework of an Austin original designer, to support this endeavor doesn’t make you a customer, it makes you a friend.